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Get your Verified eBay accounts For UK 1000 limit

What you get?


  • Email address, credit card (physical) AVS and address verification, phone (physical) number verification
  • 1000 items / $25,000 selling limits : its depend.
  • 2 weeks replacement guarantee
  • Integrated eBay account in your Salefreaks user
  • Guide on how to use multi login (for accessing the account outside salefreaks) , and changing phone number to take full ownership
  • 3 days to receive the account



  • Dedicated proxy as a single point entry to eBay to avoid any soft flag based, the proxy will serve as a clean access point to protect from connecting to other accounts
  • Integrated account and safe browsing, accounts will be pre-connected to Salefreaks non-API software before the seller can access them, he will receive the login credentials however the eBay store will already be accessible


We do not guarantee replacement in the following cases: 


  • When connecting sub accounts
  • When receiving an item violation
  • When you access the account outside of the proxy
  • When you do not provide customer support and eBay suspends you based on case

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